Shelby Carvalho's Paris Marathon Fundraising!

by Shelby Carvalho for La Chaîne de l'Espoir


About my fundraiser

Marathon de Paris 2013,

I've decided to run the Paris Marathon on April 7th! Running a marathon and training in the snow are big commitments. To give myself some extra motivation to get out there, I've decided to run for a charity whose work I believe is really important. 

La Chaîne de l'Espoir (The Chain of Hope) is a French organization dedicated to creating greater educational equality and access to health care around the world. The organization is focused on caring for as many sick children as possible by imparting technical knowledge and skills to local medical teams in developing countries. In addition to medical efforts, the organization also focuses on increasing female access to education in countries where girls often struggle to pursue formal schooling and academic opportunities. Many of you know that I have dedicated my own education and professional life to the promotion of educational equality around the world, and I know that raising awareness about this issue will push me through another 26.2 miles and lots of cold Saturday morning training runs. 

Please consider supporting my fundraising and marathon-running efforts by making a donation to La Chaîne de l'Espoir or spreading the word about my fundraising efforts. My goal is to raise 500 Euro (about $650) for the organization. There are no small donations! I appreciate any and all of the support y’all are able to give!

For more information about the organization, check out their website:

To follow my training and fundraising efforts, check out my blog, which I promise to be better about updating in 2013:

Donations are processed through Alvarum. It is very easy and 100% secure.

Thank you for your help! 
Shelby Carvalho

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La Chaîne de l'Espoir
Nés pauvres dans des pays pauvres, des milliers d'enfants gravement malades ou blessés sont condamnés à mourir ou à rester infirmes alors qu'un acte chirurgical simple peut définitivement leur offrir une vie normale. Face à cette réalité notre mission est de soigner le plus grand nombre d'enfants malades et de permettre à des enfants pauvres d'aller à l'école. Ensemble, sauvons des enfants !